Why Nala?

As an American trained in Linguistics and as the head of the school, Nathan Mark personally chooses each teacher to ensure that only those with a true American accent who sound like native speakers are chosen to teach English in our ESL program. You can feel confident that you are learning good English at NALA.

All of our other foreign languages are also taught by teachers who are fluent or who are native speakers. We are passionate about teaching and will work hard to ensure that you learn quickly and efficiently using modern teaching methodology. We also create an enjoyable learning environment where you can be at ease while learning, all at a very affordable price.

NALA Cebu is the number 1 destination in Cebu for Language Success. We at NALA Cebu, North American Language Academy Inc. are proud to say that we are the ONE STOP DESTINATION for Language Success in Cebu. We are known for TOP NOTCH QUALITY EDUCATION, BEAUTIFUL FACILITIES, INNOVATIVE TEACHING & AFFORDABLE PRICES. We offer the most languages of all language schools in Cebu, and have the greatest team of teachers.

Our Foreign Language Department includes a great variety of languages: German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Danish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Fookien, Tagalog, Bisaya , Russian and Portuguese.

We offer ESL for those who do not as of yet speak English as well as English Mastery Courses for the already fluent speakers of English. We also offer IELTS Prep. Call Center Training, Business English, American Accent Training, Public Speaking, Interview Success as well as Literature and Academic or Creative Writing Classes.